Vegetable Garden Fertilizer

Vegetable Garden Fertilizer

Organic gardening is an all natural method for growing delicious herbs and vegetables in your backyard garden. If you choose to use conventional chemical fertilizers you run the risk of introducing carcinogens and other toxic matter into your body as you eat your herbs. At the same time the chemicals you spray on your garden can be harmful to wildlife, your pets, and your children and will also create toxic run-off that can contaminate ground water supply.

These days, due to the detrimental effects of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, there has been a strong trend towards organic vegetable gardening. Actually organic gardening is merely the old-fashioned way of gardening and going back to basics. The main difference between organic and conventional vegetable gardening is how fertilization and pest control is done. In organic vegetable gardening, fertilization and pest control are done without synthetic fertilizers or manufactured pesticides.

Organic vegetable gardening involves applying organic matter to the soil in place of manufactured substances. When it comes to fertilizing the soil, the organic matter pertaining to this is green manure, compost and animal manure. Be sure to add this organic matter to your soil at least four weeks before planting your seeds to give enough time for the nutrients to be absorbed into the soil.

Vegetable Garden Fertilizer is must for any domestic garden as it employs natural materials, which are beneficial for the growth of plants and does not produce any ill-effects on human health. As a result, it is readily available at all stores where gardening supplies of organic nature are sold. Vegetable Garden Fertilizer helps the soil regain its lost strength and prepare it for gardening by replenishing it with vital nutrients. Being insoluble, they nourish the plants gradually and do not cause leaching as in the case of their caustic counterparts.

Using these natural fertilizers, organic vegetable gardening can produce vegetables that are not only delicious but nutritious and safe for consumption.